martes, 6 de mayo de 2008

John Cage - Imaginary Landscapes (Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble, 1996)

1. Imaginary Landscape No. 1 (1939)

For two variable-speed phono turntables, frequency recordings, muted piano, and cymbal; to be performed as a recording or broadcast.

2. Imaginary Landscape No. 2 (March No. 1) (1942)

For percussion quintet.

3. Imaginary Landscape No. 3 (1942)

For percussion sextet.

4. Imaginary Landscape No. 4 (March No. 2) (1951)

For 12 radios.

5. Imaginary Landscape No. 5 (1952)

For any 42 recordings; to be realized as a magnetic tape. Realization by Peter Pfister using 42 hatART recordings by Anthony Braxton.

6. But What About the Noise of Crumpling Paper Which He Used to Do In Order to Paint the Series of "Papiers Froisses" or Tearing Up Paper to Make "Papiers Dechires"? Arp Was Stimulated By Water (Sea, Lake, and Flowing Waters Like Rivers), Forests (1985)

For percussion ensemble. Realization by Jan Williams.

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thak you :)

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Los músicos de rock bien podrían tomar prestado algo de este hombre

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totalmente de acuerdo con tim...muchas gracias por esto!!!